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About Mia

"You have a face of the world." was what a customs agent in South Africa said to Mia as she was stamping her passport upon arriving in the country to volunteer at a wildlife conservation park. "If you told me you were Egyptian, Native American, Hawaiian, Brazilian, or Greek, I would believe you. You look like you could be from so many countries." 


Mia's love of traveling and experiencing different cultures around the world has led her to visit every continent, with the exception of Antarctica as she's not a fan of the cold. (Although she might suck it up one day, as she has an unhealthy obsession with petting wild animals and would really like to bear hug a polar bear.) 

If you were friends with Mia in high school, you wouldn't have been surprised to learn that she is now an actress, as she was always re-enacting scenes from Ace Ventura Pet Detective or Dumb and Dumber with a rainman like ability to remember lines after only watching a movie once. However, acting was not the road she took right after high school. But all roads lead to Rome, as they say. Eventually, Mia attended the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and studied with some of New York's top acting coaches such as Bob Krakower and Anthony Abeson. 

In her previous lives, Mia has been a competitive swimmer & latin ballroom dancer, a bartender, played violin in a youth symphony orchestra and performed at Carnegie Hall & Lincoln Center, worked in finance, fashion, and helped her family start a successful doggie daycare and boarding business (which she refers to as her doggie empire.) 

Most recently, Mia has travelled to Peru to learn about shamanic ceremonies with sacred plant medicines, and how the indigenous people honored Pachamama (a word from the Quechua language of the Andes Mountains from ancient Inca mythology used to describe the "Earth Mother" goddess that they revered and worshipped.) 

So what would you guess would be the dream role of this New York born and raised actress who has been bitten in the butt by a lion in Africa, and has explored the cosmic realms of consciousness with entheogenic plants alongside shamans in the Sacred Valley of the Incas? A cross between Pocahontas, Captain Planet, Braveheart and Last of the Mohicans, would be an accurate guess. Until that epic role comes around, you can find Mia in her NYC apartment talking to her plants. 

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